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" perfect world "
STEEEZO, MAHBIE, YOUNG-G (stillichimiya) of STILLICHIMIYA and CHILI, a rapper who flows with his own voice quality and writing, and MMM, a rapper who is also reminiscent of the silver screen actors of the Showa era who participated in one song "SARA SHIBO".
We made an interesting album together.
We need it even though we don't need it, love it even though we love it, hate it even though we hate it even though we don't need it, have enemies close to us, and eat even when we are sad. The world is "spinning" to "perfection."
It's a lyric that sometimes asks us how we can feel better if we take it this way. It sounds fresh from the region." It's a fresh work, finished with the "initial impulse" intact.

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Perfect World

iTunes Store • Hip-Hop/Rap TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 20 • 4 Jun 2020

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