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"Summer song released by dance music producer TANA"

- A new single that breaks new ground with Zuice as a guest performer -

Fukuoka-based dance music electronic producer TANA will release a new single "deep blue" in collaboration with Zuice on 7/20 (Wednesday). TANA released the 1st EP last year, pursuing originality while focusing on dance music, and delivering songs to a wide range of people. Even in this work, its originality breaks new ground, and it is one song that I want to listen to in various situations this summer.

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deep blue

Spotify • Monday Spin • 25 Jul 2022

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  • TANA

    A dance music/electronic producer, track maker, and DJ based in Fukuoka, Japan. He constantly releases original songs, official remixes, song offerings, bootlegs, etc., and his songs are picked up on Spotify official playlists, aired on "", and distributed on record pools. collect. Diplo played the song on the radio and was broadcast twice on BBC Radio 1, which attracted a lot of attention, and advanced to the semi-finals of the contest held by the UK bass music and sound system culture festival "OUTLOOK FESTIVAL JAPAN LAUNCH PARTY". . Responsible for the production of opening songs and cheerleading songs for professional sports teams such as the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, music production for Fukuoka City's entertainment support project, and artwork design and video production for his own songs. In 2021, he will release his first EP "TEXTURE OF SOUND". Starting with the song "LOOKING AT ME" featuring rapper HIYADAM as a guest performer, it has been shared in various media in Japan and charted in official playlists, and has received support from many artists nationwide. He has appeared in a wide range of events, including a nightclub resident and an event in Fukuoka, where he has performed with many domestic and foreign artists, as well as events held in Tokyo for foreign artists to visit Japan. In addition to nightclubs, he also has a track record of DJing at reception parties at Hilton hotels.

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