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  6. Matou (Wear it)
  7. Silver Forest
  8. Island Lovers

Conguero Tres Hoofers (also known as CTH) has just released a new album, 2 years since Live CTH. Vividly inspired by the countries, cities, people and cultures they have encountered from travelling all over the world since 2014, they have put in into music.
The musical pieces created by their interpretations portray unique relationships between locality and its people densely, vividly and powerfully.
Yet the sense of nostalgia and comfort in their portrayal remind us how music connect people's minds transcending national borders. An album of reminiscing and longing for memories of each places.

Conguero Tres Hoofers

"CTH" (Conguero Tres Hoofers) is a group that performs with simple instruments and physical movements. It combines the melody of an acoustic guitar with energetic tap dancing with the beat of the percussion. It is a unique combination of music and dancing, the first of its kind in the world. The guitarist, Atumi Yukihiro, has been actively involved in producing music for the commercial of EDWIN and NHK(Japan national TV station) WORLD. The tap dancer, SARO, gained fame by performing in Kitano Takeshi's film Zatoichi and the commercial of UNIQLO. The percussionist, Nishioka Hidero, has been supporting Magokoro Brothers and Kimaguren. The group simple but attractive live performance was so popular that they unexpectedly showed up on the main stage at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2010, and the GREEN ROOM FESTIVAL 2010, even before their 1st Album was released. Their 1st & 2nd Album was released, which ranked first place in the iTunes Jazz Chart each Album. They also made a guest appearance on "Jazzed Out", a TV programme by Mezzo France.They also filmed their music videos at Kiyomizu Temple and Kibune shrine. In June, 2014, their first European tour of 54 days was conducted. The band has been inspired greatly crossing over the boundaries of countries and different cultures. They have been evolving their musical creativity even more by overcoming the existence of moment without sounds. Now they are touring round Japan with great success. They are continuing to grow with their new challenges globally.

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