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New Fade x Hajime Okano, J-ROCK Challenge!
From the American modern rock so far, it is more familiar to the Japanese,
It has evolved into a new sound of US-Japan mixing!

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Deezer • Country top charts • Japan • TOP 1 • 24 Jan 2024

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  • fade

    fade is a unique rock band that was formed in New York in 1991 and made its debut in Japan in 2002 to pursue an eclectic mix of Western and Western culture. Leaders rui (Ds), childhood friends kansei (G) and noriyuki (B) were born and raised in New York and touched the American "frontier spirit" from an early age. Meanwhile, vocalist Jon Underdown grew up in Seattle and came to Japan as an exchange student to experience beautiful culture and Bushido spirit. Fortunately bound by the magic of the god of music, four internationals met 5 ° (G) with unique characters, and as a true borderless artist that transcended nationality, genre, and age, the music scene Jump out to. In 2005, he worked with various members such as Markku Lappaleinen (ex. Fubastank) and Erik Gregory (engineer of Linkin Park), and the song "Beautiful" recorded in "A Moment of Truth" recorded in LA was Shunji Iwai. It was used as an insertion song in the produced movie "Rainbow Goddess" and became a hot topic. After transferring management in 2008 and releasing "To Find A Better Tomorrow", he performed lively in various parts of Japan and also performed a lot of majors such as "RUSH BALL 09" and the world's highest loud event "LOUD PARK 09". Also appeared at the class festival. The activity range is not limited to Japan only, it was found by Korean superstar "Seo Taji", also appeared at Korea's best rock festival "ETP FEST @ Seoul Olympic Stadium", and competed with NINE INCH NAILS, Limpbizkit etc. I was really praised by the big crowd. In 2011, "Hajime Okano" became the first external producer to release the mini album "Kings of Dawn" and the TV anime "Deadman Wonderland" opening theme song "One Reason" at the same time. Ranked 4th on the Oricon Indies Chart. With its roots in hard American rock, and featuring twin guitars, fade continues to evolve into a more emotional and melodious band. For ourselves, leader rui says, "We're like California rolls on rock." fade is a rock band with a "taste" that mixes the West and the East. Like California Roll, it has roots in Japan and can be loved by people all over the world. Born in New York, fade with a polished rock sound in Japan, to the global stage.

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