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Let it end

Like I've never felt

I've never fall for

No, just let it end

Sweet sweet time and the joy I've never felt

But I have nothing to give to stay here

I don't need 'non fiction'

I'm so calm now, I'm alright

I don't need to try to feel it anymore

Save my lie

Save my lie, save my lie

Save my lie, save my lie

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SAVE MY LIE Front Cover

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Okinawan singer naz released her new mini album.
She did everything by herself to let you know what's on her mind.

The name of this mini album is from one of her song.
She expected and started to believe someone from his behavior and words but he doesn't mean anything.
All she want to do is just leave quietly.
To not to let him notice how she felt, she had to tell a lie.
The word sounded in her head is 'SAVE MY LIE'.
That's story of the song 'SAVE MY LIE'.

She put her purity soul to each songs as she. Smooth and quiet but Strong beat is so unique.

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  • naz

    naz(born in April 25, 2000), is a female Japanese singer, music artist. She was born and raised in Okinawa, Japan. Her sound is a blend of R&B, Soul, Dream pop. Her own world views are written in very simple words and it make her songs more mysterious and attractive. Her dreamy and gentle yet frozen atmosphere with her unique voice and sound is just a healing trip. At age 18, She was being noticed after released ''Ocean'' produced by Japanese famous producer Tomita Labo. Furtheremore, She worked with Japanese amazing producers such as Ayatake Ezaki and Seiho. She's preparing for the next step. To send her music to all over the world. Her ever powering up music expected to be the icon of music industry of earth in the near future.

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