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Come on you, dull face, so rush

Come on you, donkey, so dash

Sigh ai ai

Sigh, sucks

No place, save your own hide

No place, save your little pride

Nigh eye eye


Feelin' eleven

'til midnight, the time is over

Crucible, Snake pit

If you wanna crawl out

Yoro re ee he yo ho

Do you wanna XXX with me?

Get out your past, it's gone

Give up your all, now gone


My Darling

Your heart’s in seventh heaven

Your cherry pops to raven

Aye aye aye


Chante une chanson

Enchant, make you harder

The loneliness of night

If you wannna get you out

Yoro re ee he yo ho

Tell me what you want

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YoRoReHe Front Cover

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1st release by Mitsukey for international.
Europop+Yodel dance tune

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  • Mitsukey

    Mitsukey is a Japanese Pop music singer & songwriter. She started her career as a singer during her college days at Senzoku Gakuen (studied voice & piano). After graduating,she contineud to sing in music club, Chanson,Latin music and Japanese popular songs. Finally she gets a chance. 2013 she made her debut with single CD "Anatatano Egao ~tutu Aloha~ (Your brave smile)" Now she appears in the media, as a glamorous singer. also known as being a top blogger :

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