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Noriyuki Miyai 17th pre-release single "Let's Go!"
I want you to move forward positively into the new era!
An upper song that will push you with all its might!
"Let's Go!" This is the signal to open a new door!

Artist Profile

  • Noriyuki Miyai

    Born September 14, 1977 Born in Wakayama prefecture In 2001, he made his major debut as "Catfish" from Columbia Records. Currently, he is performing live activities nationwide based in Kagoshima under the solo name "Noriyuki Miyai". She has the opening song of KKB "Pura Navi +" and the cheering song of professional soccer team Kagoshima United FC. He has worked on many image songs and commercial songs, such as the ending song for the Kinkowan Summer Night Fireworks Festival. She also served as an MBC radio personality for 10 years and 6 months, and graduated in March 2017. In 2017, we performed live tours at 43 locations nationwide. One-man live at Houzan Hall (Kagoshima Prefectural Cultural Center) on October 1st Kagoshima Citizens' Culture Hall No. 1 on August 26, 2018 At Kagoshima Arena on January 26, 2020, A one-man live will be held at Houzan Hall (Kagoshima Prefectural Cultural Center) on November 20, 2021! Actively active based in Kagoshima!

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