1. Seitan Ambivalence
  2. SickCrazy
  3. I'm here for dreams and you
  4. Rugie (droplamp Remix)
  5. Seitan Ambivalence (Instrumental Ver.)
  6. SickCrazy (Instrumental Ver.)
  7. I'm here for dreams and you (Instrumental Ver.)

"Accepting the two opposites as they are."

Sennzai, a singer who sings in a variety of genres, has created a new experiment by using two different colors of voice.

In addition to the emotionally charged twin vocal tracks written by Yuichiro Tsukagoshi, the album also includes songs written by Yunosuke and Kasokaso, who sang with contrasting voices and views of the world.

The album also includes a droplamp remix of the Feryquitous composition "Rugie" from the world-famous music game "Arcaea".

A total of 7 songs, including an Instrumental Ver. of newly written songs.

Sennzai's 1st mini album "Ambivalen¢e", which continues to challenge.


Born on January 22, female from HokkaidoI started my music career in 2010 and started participating in doujin works in 2011.In 2015, I started participating in commercial works, singing and writing lyrics for domestic and international music game works.I have sung over 100 songs to date, including doujin and commercial.In 2016, I started working on my own label, Seardrop.I have been continuously releasing self-produced CDs and directing the entire work myself. I have a distinctive falsetto voice that I will never forget once I hear it.Depending on the song, she has a different voice color as if she were a different person, and she can sing in various genres such as rock, pop, club music, classical music, folk music with words and foreign languages, and even cute songs.In addition to her distinctive voice, she has a reputation for her long, ultra-high tones and bold vibrato, which have an unrivaled depth of voice.

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