No In Between (feat. Mars Daniel & Southeast!)

  1. No In Between (feat. Mars Daniel & Southeast!)

この曲は、2020年5月アメリカで起きた黒人男性が白人警察官に殺害された事件を受け、全米各地で「Black Lives Matter(黒人の命は大切)」を訴える抗議デモが拡大する中、LAの友人ミュージシャンをフィーチャーし書かれた楽曲。


Singer-songwriter/Multi-instrumentalist and regarded as guitar virtuoso. Born in Japan, raised in Philippines. Makes Indie Rock, Funk, Neo Soul, Alternative R&B. Started piano at 3 and guitar at 14, inspired by his father, a bass player. Participated in several bands, and has been invited to play in projects of several major artists (Koshi Inaba from B'z, Suga Shikao etc). In 2018, released debut album "FACE" and started regular solo activities, attracting attention for his blooming talents as singer songwriter.

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