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From "Oh-Dorei! / Dogtooth (SWING-O re-edit)" which was released last year on 10.2 with a 7-inch record only, this time "Oh-Dorei!(original version)". In contrast to the original "Oh-Dorei!(SWING-O re-edit)", which is an "ADULT DANCE EDIT". This mix blends the rocking and funkness of Flying Kids to create the ultimateDigesting into groovy pop, exactly"GROOVE POP EDIT" It is inevitable to keep shaking the Dance Floor in 2020! ! ! The lyrics are both "Odore!"means "Let's dance", A message to enjoy life with dancing, and a message to the modern society, "Dorei"means "slaves", by invisible power. The jacket and illustrations are by up-and-coming artist Shunsuke Ochi.

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    Formed in 1988. Currently a nine-member funk band. In 1989, appeared on TBS's popular program "Heisei specialty TV, Yuji Miyake's cool band heaven". Achieved the fifth consecutive win as the third generation of Squid King, becoming the first Grand King. In 1990, made a major debut with the single "Let's be happy". After that, smash hits. He released 19 singles and 11 albums and was disbanded in 1998. Reunited in 2007, he is actively working on new song announcements, live shows, and event appearances. In 2018, the 30th anniversary of the formation of FLYING KIDS, we released an analog record, a Harajuku Crocodile live for three consecutive months, and a full album "Everybody is thinking about that". With the addition of new members, it has become a large household of nine people, and it is brilliantly accelerating further.

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