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The single is for the first time in 1 year and 8 months since the release of the double album.It is a medium tune with a sad sitar tone.
The sadness of losing a dear friend turns into a light of gratitude that will continue to shine forever...

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  • Aya Kagami

    Aya Kagami kick started her career as a lyricist and composer in 1997 with the video game "Sentimental Graffiti". She would later start her career as a singer-songwriter and a producer. She released two singles "Midnight Sea Midnight Fish", "CHERISH-Forever Traveling-" and a full album "1212". She has composed for foreign singers, such as Joey Yung and joined in the production of omnibus CDs. Representative works "Itoshiki Sekai"(lyrics·vocal) TV anime "Busou Renkin" Ending Theme "Harari"(lyrics) PS2 gamesoft"Hakuoki"Opening Theme

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