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iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 46 • 14 Mar 2023

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  • Sayumi Koga

    Sayumi Koga Singer-songwriter She is from Japan, living in Oita Prefecture in Kyushu. She had grow up familiarized herself with the rich nature and classical pianos at Kyushu where she was originally from. Her turning point came at the age of 17. When she quit playing the classical piano, she started to get interested in various music genres. While her songs are based on classics, she also incorporated jazz and world music essences and pops' sense of fun. She sings and delivers such original songs with a piano and with her gentle voice that seems to embrace everyone who listen. Her music, supported by various creators, is used as a commercial song (FUJIFILM, AC JAPAN, and so on.) and is also popular in educational settings. She aims to create a music that advocates the miracle of living alive in a multi-faceted fashion, sprinkle everyday life with sobering spice. While enjoying playing, composing, and making sounds with children.

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