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Japanese three-piece band "INY9UALITY" and female singer "" teamed up for the first time.
The powerful sound and the attractive voice overflowing with emotion make this song a soul-stirring experience for those who listen.

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iTunes Store • Metal TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 24 • 23 Feb 2024

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    To embrace and transmit our Japaneseness and our Japanese charm. We also want to convey the joy of life that can be enlivened and connected through music among a wide variety of people... Let's put aside the difficult things! Music is fun! Live music is fun! Musical instruments are fun! I want everyone to have a festival party together! So if you hear a song and think it's good, even just a little bit, please come to our live show. We are a pure three-piece band in many ways, made up of members who love music and are overflowing with such feelings. Translated with (free version)

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