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Tsutomu Aoki wrote this song in 1990.
He started performing live performances while playing the piano in 1989 and created this song for his live performances.
When performed on stage, this song quickly became popular among the audience, and became one of Aoki's representative songs at that time.
In the long refrain in the second half of the song, he put in current topics every time. It was also a factor in its popularity.
16 years later, in 2001, when he recorded this song in his home studio, He rewrote the current topics in the lyrics to suit the social conditions of the time.
It would also be fun to immerse yourself in nostalgia by remembering the social conditions and culture of that time. The sound source announced in 2001 was released as it is this time.

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  • Tsutomu Aoki

    Tsutomu Aoki was a singer-songwriter who played the piano from 1990 to 1992. . He also played the guitar. There were times when I sang with a handheld microphone while controlling MIDI sound sources with a sequencer. Live houses such as Ekoda Marquee, Yotsuya Kotan, Kamiuma Gasoline Alley, and Yutenji Miyaji have performed. His favorite equipment is Rolland RD-300, KORG 01/W, Rolland MC-500, YAMAHA RX15, Rolland MT-32, Rolland D-110, Rollland U-110, Rolland R-8, etc.

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