Zooming aggression of metal fighter Front Cover


Hero's road

Midorikoshi Tomohito

Running for our life to save the fighting souls

And one step closer to death

Too many prides are standing on the top of the world

But winner is only one

Can you hear the heartbeats of fearless warriors in the ring

Only blood of my enemy can satisfy my raging heart

Here is the world of vale tudo


Your finish hold will bring you glory

Take just one your shining star

To reach the one step higher place

Now take a look around

There are chances to be a champ

Welcome to Hero's road


Won't you let me feel your burning heart

Like the ruler in this battle field

Walk on for the final victory

Won't you take me to your paradise

Endless march of glory has begun

We're the finalist for this holy war

PENTAGON will catch you in the sky

Beware of the wax of KING COBRA

His TEACUP head is boiling tea with his rage

The greatest YOKODUNA is back

CIRCLE OF WISDOM give you intellectual chaos

Colors of death in his CUBE bring you confusion with no way out

His WATCH face says final alarm

To fall asleep without pain

To fall into hell without pain

His miracle power on the edge


Call once more


Welcome to Hero's road


He is revenger for his dad and his Lehrer

But his enemy with traditional Chinese hair destroyed him

And said "Forget your dad, so you must be strong"

And then inosent friendship between them was born


(*) x2

  • Lyricist

    Midorikoshi Tomohito

  • Composer

    Midorikoshi Tomohito

Zooming aggression of metal fighter Front Cover

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