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    COLDRIVE Started full-scale activities in 2022. HUMANDRIVE and The cold tommy. With a career of more than 10 years, these two bands have formed a serious new band, "COLDRIVE", which is not just a one-shot project like a collaboration. The first live event will be held at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO on April 14, 2022. The 1st album "Hallelujah !!!" was released on the same day. The release event on this day was a great success, and we are exploding toward new goals! I would like you to feel the expectation of a new activity called COLDRIVE, which was made possible only by the two groups who have been active in Corona, and the live performance with a sense of unity that can only be done by those who have a career. "COLDRIVE" are Noda (Vo.) Fumiyo Keni (Vo./Gt.) Tsubasa (Gt.) Arisa Sakakibara (Ba.) Hifumi (Ba.) Kazuki Matsubara (Drs./Technology Man) Kudono (Drs./Technology Man)

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