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"Life is Beautiful
~It's always beautiful here and now.

A new song written by Keiko as the theme song for photographer Sachi Murai's photo exhibition "Life is Beautiful".
The lyrics were co-written with Sachi Muraï, and Keiko was inspired by them to write the song. It's a beautiful song where the sparkle of nature and life captured by Sachi Murai's camera is harmonized into a sparkling sound. The light that is here and now is always gently wrapping us and encouraging us. Life is wonderful.

(Text by Yukiyo Uomi)

AO AQUA is Keiko's other name as a songwriter.

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  • Keiko

    [Keiko] Keiko has composed her original Japanese songs, released 4 Japanese CDs. Her first full Hawaiian album "Kupulau" was nominated for the International Album category at Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award 2016. Now she has her ʻukulele classes in Japan, teaches not only ʻukulele but vocal. In 2019, she started a new band named ʻAlapaka, she sings Jazz standard numbers translated to Hawaiian language.

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