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"Magical Collaboration of DJ MASTERKEY and ONODUB: A Masterpiece Where 90s Nostalgia and Contemporary Energy Converge!"

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    One OF The Pioneer HipHop DJ In Japan

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    ONODUB After gaining studio experience in Tokyo and LA, ONODUB started studion decibel in 2008. Engaging in activities as a producer, mixer, recording engineer, and label. Providing music for a diverse range of projects, from major corporations such as Nike, which included Tiger Woods' entrance theme for an event they hosted, and the flash mob theme for the UK-based bath product company Lush, to international artists like Nipsey Hussle and Daz Dillinger, as well as top Japanese hip-hop artists like AK-69, MoNa, El Latino & Ms. Ooja, and Shunpeita, and even extending to J-Pop artists like Kishidan, Hey! Say! JUMP, and Hiroi Dai. Particularly noteworthy is the track "YUUKI TAKEI / to you..." which has garnered 9 million views on YouTube and contributes to ONODUB's impressive total of over 20 million combined views for songs produced for YUUKI TAKEI. Beyond that, ONODUB's beat production draws from a wide-ranging musical knowledge that spans genres such as Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, and R&B. These beats resonate with popularity as they cater to the desires of artists and clients while also sparking new inspirations. Recording at a private studio equipped with a selection of meticulously chosen equipment, ranging from the latest plugins to vintage outboard gear, ONODUB has gained a reputation for engineering that maximizes the charm possessed by artists, harnessing the potential of the equipment at hand. Furthermore, ONODUB possesses various knowledge and techniques, from an international hip-hop mixing approach that garnered praise from Glasses Malone (a former artist under Cash Money Records with Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, etc.) for the mixdown of "Floating," to mixing for the Japanese market. This diversity enables ONODUB to provide clients with results exceeding their expectations. Under the ONODUB moniker, tracks featuring a diverse array of artists, from established ones like MoNa and YUUKI TAKEI to newcomers, have been released through their own label. In recent years, ONODUB has also explored new horizons by releasing instrumental beats created in collaboration with Cavo Tagood and DJ MASTERKEY, among others.

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