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  • taro kuramae

    Beautiful Guitar Melody A guitar artist and composer whose concept is the art of acoustic guitar: ``guitar ballads that weave sounds with an acoustic guitar and paint beautiful colored scenes.'' Natural scenery of spring, summer, autumn and winter, such as forests, blue skies, and snowy landscapes... Human kindness and sadness... He creates and plays heartfelt original guitar music that depicts such scenes and emotions. Established a composition exhibition gallery ``Taro Kuramae: Beautiful Guitar Music Works Exhibition.'' Developed "Art of Acoustic Concert". Research and development of "Art of Acoustic Guitar Lesson". So far, he has performed acoustic concerts, released musical works, appeared on TV, radio, NHK, newspapers, and magazines, and made media appearances such as using BGM music on various broadcasting stations and on domestic airline flights. As an artist, composer, and teacher, he conveys the sound of wood and strings, the charm of the beautiful acoustic guitar, and the splendor of live performance.

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