1. free your sprit
  2. Power of love
  3. beautiful time
  4. Sanday
  5. ever...
  6. Yoroshikune

Kazusa's new album.


Kazusa is a singer from Japan, born in Kyoto. Her father is a Japanese drummer, and her mother a Nagauta performer who plays the Shamisen. She began composing music while in High School, and started singing at local music venue's around her hometown. Eventually, Sony Music gave Kazusa a record deal, and at the age of 19 she began her professional singing career. She moved to Tokyo and began working on her debut album, Aitakute. During her time with Sony Music Kazusa had a collaboration with famous Animation Director, Makoto Shinkai. Kazusa performed all over Japan, and was even a message singer for Japan's National Cultural Festival, where she showcased her singing ability in front of the Crown Prince.

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