1. Koibumi

Normally, a bright boy gets shy when it falls in love.
He is attacking, but love does not advance as he thinks.
It is an inseparable crush song.
However, for a boy who is still waiting for cancellation after a long run, he is her quite in love.

Bob Komamura

JAZZ singers are familiar with music from a young age, as their father is a jazz drummer. However, she keeps her in her own shell that she is a gender identity disorder (transgender). Focus on softball in club activities and attack with stoic. Thanks to it, the skills are enough to go to professionals who can become active. However, I gave up because the company's performance was bad. At the age of 18, I once dreamed of a singer but I could not establish my own "humanity" I finished sex conversion surgery in Thailand at the age of 24. It's in the process of tasting a slow young man to finally get himself back. I am now determined to save my life with music. It hopes that music will be saved and live. An artist who cherishes the music that comes out of himself and does not stick too much to genres. Sound engineer from April 2019 Welcome, Shinya Nagahama I am spreading my music more.

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