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A version of "Naoco Hamasaki & Hitomk", which is a newly recorded sound and arrangement of the song "Ballerina" from the Replica era, produced by Hitomk.
Naoco Hamasaki participated as a backing chorus when Hitomi Kuramoto, a former Han-na vocalist who has been sworn friend since her debut, started her musical activities as a hitomk in 2019.
As the project progressed, "Ballerina" produced by Hitomk was born at the suggestion of Hitomk. Hitomk herself also participates as a backing chorus.
Released as the new "Ballerina" in 2022.

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  • Naoco Hamasaki

    Naoco Hamasaki Naoco Hamasaki is the lead singer of the Japanese rock band,"Replica". On her first online release as a solo artist ,she accompanies herself soulfully on her guitar. This track has been recorded in one single take -spontaneous and organic, just the way she likes it. Her warm ,velvet-like voice will gently envelop the listener ,and at times, will even reach down to that place of nostalgia ,touching those deep, bitter -sweet emotions from the past

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  • hitomk

    What is "Hitomk"? The new pen name of Han-na's vocalist Hitomi Kuramoto, who made her major debut in 1989. After the band disbanded, she worked as a solo singer and founded a music production company to discover young artists.In 2010, she returned to her hometown of Hokkaido to care for her mother and stopped her musical activities. In 2020, she reopened her dormant company and decided to work as a singer again.Under the banner of the neo-kayo genre,she called on former Han-na members, fellow artists who debuted at the same time and producer Katsu Hoshi to join her when she was a solo singer.She started writing songs.She had been fighting illness for about three years and was sentenced to life expectancy, but she did not succumb to her illness and continued to make music energetically. She left over 20 songs in her production activities for a year and a half, and died on May 19, 2021. Her work will continue to be released by the Hitomk Project, inheriting its will.

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