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Japanese guitarist, JOYA, original Rock guitar Instrumental

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    JOYA Guitarist who loves comedy In addition to writing lyrics, composing, and arranging, he also participates in recording and arranging for various bands. Participated in GROOVERS MUSIC LIBRARY. Received the 2nd and 3rd Shimamura Gakki Song Light Award. Fujitsu TEN Car Navigation System ([ECLIPSE AVN827GA] Fujitsu Ten) Participated in guitar recording. Album [FIERCE FIGHTING]. 7 songs [GRAND ADVENTURE] 3 songs And many more. Guitar Instrumental 2012/06/12, "fashion 2014/10/27, "Summer Action 2016/08/29, "one" / "Shadow and Fluctuation 2017/12/13, "style Soundtrack 2012/06/12, "Limit VOCALOID 2017/10/05, "The World of False Image" (JOYA/feat.GUMI) 2017/10/22, "two feelings"(JOYA/feat.GUMI) 2017/11/15, "Caramel Hunter"(JOYA/feat.Hatsune Miku) 2018, "DOKI-DOKI" (JOYA/feat. GUMI) 2019, "Shining World" (JOYA/feat. GUMI) 2019, "SLOW MOTION. . . GUMI" (JOYA/feat. GUMI) "Koi no Stepsan" (JOYA/feat.GUMI) Songs provided by RI0tt of [HipHop] THE SHADOW TRIBE ( Song , JOYA ) [Idol] Yuri Maeda DOKI DOKI" ( lyrics / music by JOYA ) Shining World" ( lyrics / music , JOYA ) [Voice Actor] Yua Yume no Oikaze" ( lyrics / music,JOYA ) And many more Jingo Taiko" by Jingo Town, Okayama Prefecture (Song , JOYA) Audiostock - many more

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