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The single release of the song "Watashi, Yuurei-san." featured on the first full album "Ame no Suisou" by Hinemosugara. With chorus featuring Meme Wakamiya and hapi, it marks the first featuring song. Previously included in the "Kurinne" EP, this version features a new arrangement by the guitarist, Kiyo, who joined the band in 2023.

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    "Hinemosugara" is an art band based in Kansai and Tokyo, with a focus on social media networks (SNS). They are involved in various art fields, not limited to music production, but also encompassing the design of music videos, album covers, merchandise, and creating artistic atmospheres for live performances. The name is pronounced as "hinemosugara," which carries the meaning of "from morning to evening," signifying a portrayal of the thoughts that emerge as the day comes to an end. Their work captures a wide range of emotions and sensations, from the mood of a train ride or the ambiance of a room to the melancholy that accompanies rainfall and sighs. It is delicate yet soft, while also being stimulating. Their art touches the strings of human thoughts and emotions, resonating deeply.

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