Here I am

  1. Beautiful
  2. Triangle
  3. It's all over
  4. Here I am
  5. Sayonara Boy
  6. Is The SpotLight
  7. We Can Make It last Forever
  8. Trilogy

Here I am

16 years ago,We heard her voice from TV is still shinning bright and make a way.
This album reflects current music world.
No meaning for categorizing for the music ZETTON/MASAKI ICHIHARA/Anutha make.
Heartbeat's honest lyrics are dancing on the melody.
Modern people's depressions and sickness,she cheers us up with lyrics.
In this such a lonley era,she back us up to loving,dreaming and living strong.
You don't know nothing about Heartbeat.
Why don't you listen to the lyrics and beats make your heartbeat?
Music dont go nowhere.
Here I am


Heartbeat Singer Songwriter/Game Streamer. 2002 She was chosen off the 20000people of the Diva audition of TV TOKYO show[ASAYAN]. She major debutd as Aiko Katsumata[ Keep On Your Side] from R&C Japan Ltd. 2010 she change her name to Heartbeat released 90's Japanese R&B cover with DJ HASEBE,DJ KAORI in 6th month in a row. She made guest appearances for artists such as Yuusuke,JAY'ED,GAKI-RENGER. [Paradise]was promoted for the movie 2014[GREATFUL DEAD]. 2015,May she released her first EP[Unlock]. 2017,Her single[Fire]was promoted as ending theme for game streaming channel name[2bro(Anijya Otojya)]which has 2.4 million follower on the YouTube channel. Her 2nd EP[Fire]was dejital released from her own label name soulbase after 2 years. It went No.1 on iTunes R&B chart,No.2 on Top chart. Same year November she released [WHAT ABOUT YOU. It went No.1 on many platform. Her One and Only voice is not only for music,game streamer,MC for the ubi soft events,casted for Full orchestra film concert for Disney Animation movie[Little Marmaid] 2018,she started her production with Producer ZETTON 2019,full album[Here I am]will be released on January 19th. Keep you eyes onNEW R&B QUEEN,Heartbeat.

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