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Hidetoshi Koizumi, who debuted in France as "Hybrid Leisureland" in 2010 and has continued to work as an electronica/ambient composer and arranger, released his second album "Number Face" after changing his name on 20.december 2023. to be released.

The title ``Number Face'' comes from my wish for a peaceful world where individual values and ways of thinking are respected.
No one in the world is the same or has the same face. Just like our environments, what we like, what we don't like, what we're good at, and what we value are different. I would be happy if you could realize that no two people are the same, that means you are unique, and that each of you is important.

In this album, "Number Face," the music expresses a sympathy with the various movements of the human heart; the thoughts, feelings, and concerns of our daily lives.

I would be happy if listeners connect with emotions like happiness, sadness, worries, and elation while the music is integrated into the scenes of their day.

Immersing yourself in the emotions and thoughts of the moment within the space created by this music might lead to the discovery of a new side of yourself. This album is for those who cherish their own time and space, be it on a drive, on a walk, or anywhere in the midst of a solitary moment.

While his previous album ``Signal'' had the theme of awareness in everyday life, his current album ``Number Face'' contains songs that are close to her own feelings and emotions.

Please listen to the latest album by Hidetoshi Koizumi, a rare Japanese ambient artist who uses sound to create spaces that blend into everyday life and emotions.

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Number face

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  • Hidetoshi Koizumi

    Composer and arranger of electronica and ambient music, he is active in Japan and his country of residence, France. He began composing music after realizing the infinite nature of music, which can be created with all kinds of sounds, including human voices and car engines. In 2010, he signed a contract with Ultimae Records in France, where he worked under the name Hybrid Leisureland, but he changed to his real name in 2021 to rediscover his original identity. He has performed live in France, Hungary, Germany, and Japan, also provides music for fashion brands, movies, advertisements (commercials), projection mapping, and games. A perfect fusion of environmental soundscapes and contrasting atmospheres, it creates an extremely delicate and light, yet deep and edgy world of electronica ambient. The inspiration that comes from watching the everyday scenes and movements of people is expressed in the form of simple sounds, which are then transformed into a soundtrack for the next day's performance. He hopes that his music will be a part of the various scenes in the lives of the people who listen to it.

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