1. never
  2. yuutsu no gogo
  3. kaiki
  4. line breaker
  5. F.S.T.S.
  6. Touch a Ring Flying
  7. diplomat
  8. kai -An Oar Of My Life-

This is the first album by jojo who is the only Beat Box Sax player in Japan.There are 8 songs, one song was made whe jojo play in his band "NO TOUCH CLUB" and the other one is new song, and Beat Box song too.The genre is wide, jazz, hip hop, new age, etc.This CD is all made by himself, recording, mixing, designing the jacket.Also the song "Touch a Ring Flying", that was made when playing in NO TOUCH CLUB, was played with Daiki Kina who is young great guitarist in Okinawa, Japan.So "Touch a Ring Flying" has the new atmosphere.
All songs made by jojo.Tra.1 and Tra.2 are Beat Box Sax.


The unique Saxophone player in Okinawa, Jpan. JoJo plays Melody, Beat, Bass pattern at the same time by saxophone. No use the BGM, no use the rhythm machine. It is called "Beat Box Sax".

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