Impure innocence

  1. Important things
  2. Lapis lazuli
  3. Melody
  4. Aomidori (Spcial unit version)
  5. Darkside of the moon
  6. Youth days
  7. Immorality
  8. Koubou (Spcial unit version)

2015年2月に結成された王道ロックバンド”es.” にとって初めてのフルアルバムとなる「不純な純真」。
メンバーそれぞれが回り道してきたからこそ見えてきた、”es. ”の純粋なまでの音への曲へのこだわり。
90年代、若者たちが胸を焦がしたビジュアルロック。 あの時の記憶と興奮を今、es.とともに。


Acting as a catch phrase for "I do not understand Gaki", formed in 2015, a mellow rock band in Tokyo. About two and a half years after the formation, we released 2 albums, circulation at major CD shops, repeat broadcast on USEN broadcast, achievement of live mobilization 150, casting rock festival in Taiwan, television appearance of members and newspaper publication, to the idle group Now providing fast-growing rock bands such as offering songs. In 2018, one man live was performed in accordance with the release of the 15-minute long single "Kyoto". From May of the same year live performances in rural areas such as Nagoya, Fukushima, Shizuoka, Fukuoka and so on are also very successful. In November 2018, it became the duo regime and released the first single "nail mark -next stage-". From the following month onwards we continue to actively release mainly for single.

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