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flow+er 2nd Resonance -Hibiki-

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This album is the second music project of "flow+er". "Flow+er" is the project, channeling by Grace Aya and art by Hiromasa Takemoto that started on Instagram in August 2022 with the idea that "I hope the seeds of light in everyone's hearts will bloom." Continuing from the previous album "First Resonance", this album contains pieces created by grace aya receiving waves and messages, expressed through art and photography by Hiromasa Takemoto, and created shaping the waves into sounds by Yuusuke. These include Yuusuke's improvisational performance carefully directed by Grace Aya and Hiromasa Takemoto to ensure that the sounds are faithful to the message received, and the tones of the crystal bowl played by Grace Aya are added. The album contains a total of 9 pieces. "Era -To Beloved soulmates-'' is image heals oneself by relishing the feelings of the past and moves toward the present and future. "Flow of Abundance" is inspired by Golden Dragon and features Nina*Kanon on vocals. "The Creator of Lights" is inspired by White Dragon. "Rainbow Light" is inspired by Rainbow Dragon. "Love" is image being true to yourself in sacred love. "Mother" is image of the mother of our hometown and the mother of the natural world, nurturing ourselves and living kindly and strongly. "Pureness" expresses inner essence and holiness. "Revelation" expresses the guidance that is overflowing from heaven to the present, no matter when or where it is, with the sounds of the waterfall. "Rebirth'' expresses the image of waking up from a slumber accompanied and being surrounded by nature in the blink of an entrusted freedom, with by the sound of the waves.

All Tuning to C=528Hz (A=444Hz)
for Deep Relaxation, Beautiful Overtone & Harmony.

*This music is highly relaxing, so if you listen to it while driving or doing other work that requires concentration, please do so at your own risk.

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flow+er 2nd Resonance -Hibiki-

iTunes Store • New Age TOP ALBUMS • Japan • TOP 1 • 1 Jan 2024 Apple Music • New Age Top Albums • Japan • TOP 73 • 3 Jan 2024

Rainbow Lights -Inspired by Rainbow Dragon-

iTunes Store • New Age TOP SONGS • Japan • TOP 6 • 22 Apr 2024

Artist Profile

  • Graceful Music

    GRACEFUL MUSIC is the healing music project produced and directed by Grace Aya, expressed through photo art by Hiromasa Takemoto, and Yuusuke turns inspiration into music. They offer a variety of music, including music using 528Hz and works using crystal bowls, for people who love nature and the earth and want to live their lives to the fullest with their true brilliance. Collaboration started in 2008. They have been using 528Hz since 2012, and have been creating music using crystal bowls since 2013, creating a variety of healing music. From 2023, they began collaborating with artist Hiromasa Takemoto on jacket artwork photos and art, and continues to create new works. grace aya Healer, Channeler, Artist From an early age, she possessed an extraordinary sense of spirituality. While being guided to sacred places in Japan and overseas, the healing ability bloomed further on Mt. Shasta in the United States. After that, she starts the healing school. She is one of Japan's top healers and has been featured in numerous magazines such as "Star People", "Anemone", "Therapist", and "Gekkan The Funai". Having grown up in an entrepreneurial environment, she used her spiritual abilities to attract 10,000 people at events he hosted in the northern Kanto region (held 12 times from 2009 to 2018, attracting 10,000 people a day for 6 consecutive years). She is also a successful entrepreneur. She also receives waves from the natural world and the universe, expresses them in words and energy, and transmits them to the world. On GRACEFUL MUSIC, which directs and produces, She listens to melodies from outer space and co-creates music while connecting energy. These music have been ranked in 12 countries around the world, including Japan, Taiwan, and Jordan, in the daily rankings of the New Age category on the iTunes Store. On Instagram, "Beautiful Days" has been used in more than 15K reels and photo posts, and the number of BGM plays has exceeded 39 million as of August 2023. On "flow+er", she co-creates works of words and photographs. Hiromasa Takemoto Artist As a video and photo freelancer, he is involved in the production of various contents such as commercials and PVs. He focuses on sacred geometry, which is a blueprint of the universe that exists behind beautiful angles and designs, and pursues an abstract world and universal beauty that is close to that idea. As an expression of this, he started creating his own photo art that crosses over mathematical formulas, geometry, and photography. Yuusuke Composer and Pianist Born in 1984. He started playing the piano at the age of 5, and began self-taught composition at the age of 13. Attracted by the healing power of music, he began making music with the theme of healing the hearts of people, including himself, joy, happiness, and the richness of nature. Currently, he plays, provides music, teaches piano, and also designs and produces videos. In the film"The Robot Repairboy"(directed by Jukou Tanaka/2021), he is the first to compose film scores and theme songs. A number of healing music albums containing his original pieces are now available on APPLE MUSIC, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. On Instagram, "Blessing Wind"was used as BGM for 60K reels and photos, "Angel's Music Box" was used for 70K, "The Essence of Happiness" was used for 80K, and "Footsteps of Spring" was used for 100K, exceeding 570M plays in total. Streaming has also surpassed 2.1M plays in total.

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