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My name is Melo. Thank you for watching. This work ``Heart Flower (Remix)'' is a remixed and updated version of the original song by artist ``Setsumero'' by me (Melo). It is characterized by an increase in keyboards and chorus.

This work shows that everyone has a special person in their heart, and that somewhere in their heart there is a flower called love that never dies. Let's cherish the flowers that will not wither even in despair! I sang this song of hope. I hope that you will continue to find flowers that will never wither, just like I did. The best part to listen to is from the transition in the middle to the ending. This song also uses a lot of slide guitar. I play everything except the drums.

I want my music to be loved by everyone, but I especially want it to reach the hearts of people who feel the same way or who are vulnerable. We will release the works one by one, so please look forward to it.

Melo Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture, Japan

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