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Towards the current Hip-Hop scene, he raises the original question, "What is Hip-Hop?" Beat Produced by Nagoya-born Producer 'Loopaddict/Dj Kuni', whose work "INNOCENCE" with MISTA O.K.I last year was fresh in my memory.
in charge. And Rap is put on Osaka's heavyweight Artist "Shigechiyo & MISTA O.K.I".

Since the 90's, he has been shouting from Osaka "Peace chanted from Naniwa", "Boy of the past, 'testimony' that he listened to", and other "words" that only MISTA O.K.I can speak, are the hip-hop that he himself has loved for so long. I am telling my thoughts. In addition, he is a former ally of MISTA O.K.I from "DJ KENSAW - Owl Night", a work representing Osaka.
Former DESPERADO member "Shigechiyo" participates in this work. Overlapping "himself" and "Hiphop", he told himself and listeners, "How Hiphop supports our lives.
Are you alive?"

In the music video, YOSHI, who is active in Gaki Ranger from ``ULTRA NANIWATIC MC'S'' to which MISTA O.K.I belongs, will make a friendly appearance. It has a luxurious appearance.

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    1985年産、名古屋出身のHiphop Dj, Beat Maker. 17歳の頃よりHiphop Soundの虜となり現在も愛知県、長野県を中心に活動中。現場ではTurntablismを意識したPlayを大切にし、ScratchやBeat juggling等を生かしたDjが定評である。またBeat Makerとしても、全国のアーティストと作品を残している。2022年、Youtube限定配信となった"MISTA O.K.I"との共作"INNOCENCE"では、多方面よりそのBeatの繊細さが評価された。そして2023年、昨年ともに制作をした"MISTA O.K.I"と"茂千代"が参加し、大阪を代表するレーベル"728 RECORD"より、Brand New Japanese Hiphop Classic "BRING BACK"をデジタルリリース、YoutubeにてMusic Videoを配信する事となった。

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