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PizzaLove a.k.a THIS IS HIPHOP

~ profile ~

The original animal wife seniors who received life in this world in 1994
It's hip-hop life that I started longing for US rapper LilPump, but I am not going to sail smoothly and I am writing real life in my own life rap
"Gag Wrapper" Kimono "" comedy Rapper or Dead "" The face like a weak tiny pillar is seriously stinky "," Sleep simplely "is sometimes exposed to an abuse
Just PizzaLove never falls into love, he never stops
That is because he is an idiot. Even if it is badly scored, it is just about 3 seconds that I can remember it. Brain storage seems to be 2b
And do not forget. His rap is real real.
And it is the ruler of the multi-dimensional universe.

Profession pizzalove

Hobby Borrowing pachislot

A considerable oddballer who holds the mystery motto of "money borrowed win".
I would like to see it with warm eyes.