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    Emotional loud rock band from Osaka, CHASED They started their activities in earnest in 2017, and are a live band that has risen to the top with their passionate and intense stage that fascinates the audience with emotional and impressive songs that grab the hearts of listeners. Even in the thick and loud sound of live performances, vocalist KZK's aggressive and sometimes pathetic vocal style is unique. The skill of the song is one of the five fingers in the current indie scene. A tight rhythm section with a unique groovy feel, and a group of guitarists with pleasant riffs and varied tones. And an easy-to-understand and beautiful song melody flutters with the singalong. The audience who watched the live was knocked out not only by the high level of individual performances, but also by the high degree of perfection as a band and performance! It is a band that makes you want to be exposed to live sound, which is steadily increasing mobilization mainly in the Kansai area.

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