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人々の情感や情景をリアルに歌い、同時代の女の子たちに共感を与える女性シンガー「鈴木友里絵」(すずき ゆりえ)のセカンドミニアルバム。

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  • Yurie Suzuki

    Yurie Suzuki (Vo. & Gt.) is a female singer-songwriter based in Tokyo, Japan. Yurie has her fans throughout the country, and actively and constantly performs live in Tokyo, Nagoya and Kansai areas in Japan. Yurie sings the moment in her relaxing and easy middle singing voice. Lively like fresh young green leaves coming out in the city, and tenderly like a gentle breeze fanning your hair, her soft, clear and comfortable singing voice provides listeners with a pop feeling and makes them smiling, and soothes their souls in the deep bottom of the heart with her distinctive emotional tone. Yurie plentifully produces her own songs, from up-tempo exciting melodies to slow- and medium-tempo tunes with a touch of pathos, both best matching her characteristic vocal style. As one of women in their twenties, Yurie portrays and describes one's life and emotion into lyrics, and is sympathized with by such listeners of the same generation.

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