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At the age of 50, I quit my postal worker and started working as a singer-songwriter. I feel that the moment I can live like myself is when I'm writing and singing. In the second half of my life, I want to make and sing my favorite songs. I will continue to take small steps one step at a time so that the day will come when my song will be useful to someone.

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  • Bine-Yurine

    I retired from the post office at the age of 50, and although I became middle-aged, I started working as a singer-songwriter. I am a middle-aged girl (aunt) singer-songwriter. Right now, I'm making and singing original songs mainly for online distribution. May my song reach as many people as possible! I hope there are as many people as possible listening to my song! With that in mind, I make and sing songs. I want to support you through the song "I am your supporter!"

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