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THIS IS MY "SONGBOOK" in Tokyo 2018.

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iTunes Store • Instrumental TOP SONGS • Hong Kong • TOP 9 • 20 Aug 2020

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  • Toshi Maruhashi

    [Toshi Maruhashi: Profile] He begins his musical career in Osaka. In October 2010, he moved to New Orleans and recorded his 1st album at Nori Naraoka's home studio for a month and a half. Legendary blues guitarist June Yamagishi also participated in the album! !! After that, he formed the Toshi Maruhashi Group and played with various musicians. He also co-starred with Monta & Brothers drummer Marty Bracey. From April 2014, he will travel to New York for three months to have sessions with various musicians. He also plays at subway platforms and restaurants. Currently, he has moved to Tokyo and is engaged in a wide range of support performances by singers and bands, focusing on his own music production. From 2021 In charge of karaoke sound source production for impersonator "croquette". Appearing every week in the ending corner of ZIP FM 77.8MHz "VIEWS OF REVIEWS"! In addition, he is in charge of music / performance of theater groups. Past co-stars (titles omitted): Croquette / Kyosuke Takeda / Junji Yamagishi / Nori Naraoka / akiko / Takeshi Okawa (Okawa & The Rulers) / Masato Yamaguchi "PON" (FEEL SO BAD) / Toshitaka Shibata (PONTA BOX) ) / Olivia Burrell / Marty Bracey (Monta & Brothers) / Eric Bolivar / Simon Lott / Brian Coogan / Mark Mullins (Bonerama) / Norimichi Nagasaka / Mutsumi Takenaka / Yuki Otsuka / Heartful Funks etc ... Media appearance: Weekly appearance in the ending corner of ZIP FM 77.8MHz "VIEWS OF REVIEWS" / Radio Osaka / KBS Kyoto Radio / FM Senri / FM Amagasaki etc ..

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