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YankaNoi, a solo project by yunniko, a singer-songwriter who also performs with the Shugo Tokumaru Band and other bands, has released its long-awaited second album "ALMA".

yunniko is a singer-songwriter who also works with the Shugo Tokumaru Band. She is releasing the album "ALMA" as her project YankaNoi.
ALMA" is an elaborate world of home recording art woven by all kinds of instruments. The sounds of her own performance and singing voice and other various sounds overlap each other, and beautiful music appears like the colors of twinkling lights in the night sky. Immersed in private intimacy, yet evoking a magnificent and profound soundscape, this music gently caresses "I" from all over the world who are forced to travel within, and invites us to "somewhere other than here"-an unknown world.
Guest performers include kauai hirótomo (drums, also in charge of arranging M4 "Crossing the Night"), who released his solo work "Another Galaxy" (2019) also on TONOFON, Wakana Ikeda (flute), Yasuyo Toi (clarinet/bass clarinet), Shugo Tokumaru(piano/cello, also in charge of some mixing).

The title "ALMA" means "soul" in Spanish, "grace" in Latin, and "leap" in Greek. Like this word, which is filled with various meanings, the music in this album has a multi-layered sound that foreshadows a rebirth and liberation from the dark space.

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Artist Profile

  • YankaNoi

    Yankanoi is a solo project by yunniko. The first album "Neuma" recorded by the band was released on P-vine in 2014. The second album "ALMA", recorded by herself, was released on TONOFON in 2022. In live performances, she performs in a variety of styles, including band, trio, and duo compositions, as well as solo compositions in which instruments and voices are multiply recorded in real time.

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