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Sugar Lala (formerly Shugashurara), who started her idol career in 2014 and is currently active in the hip-hop unit O'CHAWANZ, has finally released a rap solo album!
Sugar Lala started this activity by chance while aspiring to be an idol and voice actor. Although he had never heard her rap, he started producing lyrics through O'CHAWANZ's activities and learned how to express her unique worldview through rap.
This work is a long-awaited solo album in which Sugar Lala wrote all the lyrics.
Featuring guests include singer "Seira Kariya", rapper "eilie from.DupliCity", idol group SAKA-SAMA's "Kokone Suzuki", and former O'CHAWANZ member "Ichico Nico", making for a rich variety show. This is her mellow & pop hip hop album.
As the title suggests, this is an authentic hip-hop album created in a room, a private space, rapping about items found in the room, expressing a life-size experience that is neither ordinary nor extraordinary.
The track was handled by ROMANTIC PRODUCTION and S.A.L.A.D, who specialize in Lo-fi, JAZZY, BoomBap, and Hiphop.

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    東京都出身、酉年のラッパー。元アイドルラップグループO'CHAWANZのリーダー。現在はソロ活動とおしゃべりラップユニット「ららとMCかにゃんぱす」で活動中。 さとうの様に甘くラブリーなキャンディボイスでメロウなトラックからトラップまで様々なビートを乗りこなす。 声優の田村ゆかりに影響を受けライブ活動を始めるが、ひょんなことからヒップホップをやることになり苦悩する。後に、赤い車に乗って現れたラッパー・PUNPEEに救われ、現在では自身で作詞を手掛けるようになる。 イラストを描くことが好きで、O'CHAWANZのアルバムジャケットの制作を担当する。 物事をはっきり言うが人徳があり、着ぐるみの中に入ることを得意とする。

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