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Summer this year comes to an end,
A gentle breeze carries the news of autumn's approach,
A feeling so mysterious, almost ineffable,
Enveloped in a melancholy and ephemeral emptiness.

The waves that crest and splash, mountains deepening in green, the sun rising from the east,
Japan's summer always delivers a radiant beauty.
It was a summer brimming with dreams.
Gazing with clear eyes at the fiery red sunset,
It tints a pure white heart with the hues of memory.

Each one of us is the hero of this summer.

With the miraculous scenery that only exists in this moment in our hearts, let's move towards the future.
Let's take flight to the vast sky with Omr.

The English version
"Summer Dreamy" has evolved further,
Wafting the scent of the end of a Japanese summer,
This is the final gift of this summer, dedicated to you.

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Summer Hero

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  • Omr

    In hearts across the globe, a sense of sunrise begins to brew, A new ensemble unit named "Omr" (Omar), in the light breaks through. In Japanese, "circle (O)" stands, familiar to the view, A symbol of eternity, unbroken and true. The members are Shinnosuke Mitsushima, an Italian-American mixed Japanese actor, who, while appearing in numerous popular works, still brings vitality anew, with vigor and charisma. And Yuqi, a musician and acoustic engineer who moved to London in his infancy and spent from 9 to 18 in Chicago, enhancing his diverse sensibility. He was formerly known as UQiYO. From Omr, the sound cascades, a mysterious shine that transcends the time axis. As if the sun and moon were fused, Shinnosuke Mitsushima and Yuqi creates the magical musical world, spreading endlessly to support the future's queue, a feeling of liberation from a world too hard to subdue. With lyrics that speak to future days, yet a sound that's somehow a déjà vu, They envelop the heart gently, a balm that's tried and true. An experience lies in wait, of moments dreamlike to review, a wondrous journey that heals, with time that just flew. Omr's fantastic ripples, forever continue to strew, their echoes in the ether, forever to ensue.

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