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I wrote the lyrics for this piece based on the theme of communication in COVID-19 pandemic.

In a world where it is difficult to meet people or go out to play, various communication tools such as ZOOM drinking and clubhouses have become popular. I wanted to leave this as the real feeling of COVID-19 pandemic.

So, the overall meaning of the song is "I can't see you even if I wanted to, but let's connect from home now so that we can meet again with smiles on our faces as soon as possible after COVID-19 pandemic settles down.In the chorus, various internet-related words are scattered in a play on words to strengthen the meaning of the song.

The track was done first and I added the lyrics later, but I really liked the finished track and wanted to make it good! I was searching for lyrics in my own way, and I was able to put the theme that I had in my mind somehow on it, so I feel satisfied that it turned out good, and in many ways I feel refreshed.

The lyrics, "I want to wear the clothes I bought and get excited and run away. Then I want to eat good food and take pictures in a good mood." These were the actual words that came up in a conversation with a friend.

I hope the world will soon be a place where we can dress up and have fun again.
While waiting for that time, I hope you enjoy listening and dancing to this song a lot.

Also, the music video is fun, so please watch it!
It's funny because the lyrics have nothing to do with the content at all!

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