1. Battle Against a True Hero (co-ta remix genocide ver A)
  2. MEGALOVANIA (co-ta remix genocide ver A)
  3. MEGALOVANIA (tanawo remix)
  4. Bring It In, Guys! (co-ta remix)
  5. Heartache (tanawo remix)
  6. Spider Dance (co-ta remix genocide ver)
  7. Hotel (tanawo remix)
  8. Last Goodbye (co-ta remix)
  9. Battle Against a True Hero (co-ta remix genocide ver B)
  10. MEGALOVANIA (co-ta remix genocide ver B)
  11. Undertale (co-ta remix)

Future Link Sound has created 3rd arranging album from UNDERTALE. With guitar and synthesizers, etc. It has become speedy and high tension arrangement. It is a exciting and synthetic album that the UNDERTALE WORLD. *Crossfade Demo: https://youtu.be/Xbd1RpNegvw *We obtained the license of UNDERTALE music in this album through easy song licensing. Arrangement:co-ta (Koutarou Shirane), tanawo, Illustration: Ruki, Movie:isshi, Future Link Sound: HP:http://flsound.jp Twitter: @FutureLinkSound

Future Link Sound

Future Link Sound performs music activities, such as composing, arranging, and DJ. Composer: co-ta (Koutarou Shirane), we supply original songs composed by EDM or Piano and so on. And we join many music event, and sale our original albums.

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Future Link Sound