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CK the Shake is set to release a new single, "Carnival feat. NF Zessho, J'Da Skit," on January 25th. Known for consistent releases like the previous work, 'SOUL EP SET(Type-C),' and collaborations such as TkCk's 'Progress 2' and Oll Korrect's 'TWENTY THREE,' CK the Shake continues to make an impact. The upcoming release features production by youheyhey from Oll Korrect, with guest appearances by J'Da Skit and NF Zessho, who also mixed and mastered.
The cover is designed by Hirosson from TkCk. On the day of the digital release at 8:00 PM, the music video is scheduled to be premiered on Oll Korrect's YouTube channel.

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Oll Korrect