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KZ, KBD, and lilysans as K-razy have been based in Osaka for nearly 10 years.
KZ and KBD have Umeda Cipher, who made his major debut this year and has made many appearances on TV and other media, as their box bone,
KBD is the main rapper of Freak's, Umeda Cipher's little brother crew, and lilysans as K-razy.
The three, who are close friends both publicly and privately, will hold a 3-man event on 23/12/9 in Osaka and 24/1/14 in Tokyo. The title song of the 3-man event, "Long time no see! was produced.
The emotional dance beat of the song expresses the pure joy of playing music, which is something we tend to lose sight of.

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Long time no see!!

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