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Don't care any more

With fast-paced beats and edited samples that make you wonder how many fingers are involved, the gut guitar runs wild, creating a chaotic atmosphere. Amidst the explosive super bass shaking the ground, the vocals convey a positive and pop message of "Don't care anymore!"This spring support anthem by i-dep is performed with love and soul, and the music video is a must-see!

Comment from Hiroshi Nakamura:
"Don't care any more" - Don't worry anymore! In the midst of the complicated daily lives that adults and children alike often find themselves entangled in, we want you to listen if you are in a situation where you say, 'I understand. I don't care anymore.' You don't have to fret about people's evaluations or feelings. This song, "Don't care any more," expresses 'Don't worry!' with a big love and a desperate, sweaty performance by i-dep.
Everything will be fine; things will somehow work out. That kind of song.

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Don't care any more

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Don't care any more

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Don't care any more

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  • i-dep

    In 2004, they released their debut single worldwide from Italy's IRMA RECORDS. They have participated in numerous major music festivals such as SXSW and Summer Sonic, earning high praise from music fans both domestically and internationally. In 2019, they achieved the milestone of being the first Japanese act to perform at North America's largest music festival, FEQ, where they received the FEQ Excellence Award (PRIX FEQ AWARD). Comprising Nakamura Hiroshi (PC & Key), Cana (Vo), Imura Tatsuya (Gt), Sunayama Junichi (Ba & Key), and Kano Joji (Dr), the band's roots lie in Electronic music, Jazz, Funk, and Bossa Nova. Their style, built upon these foundations, incorporates various elements to transform into a sound filled with originality. While being pop in nature, their music paints a unique and timeless world, consistently evolving without losing its vibrancy. As they approach their 20th anniversary in 2024, the band is poised to celebrate two decades of their musical journey, marked by continuous innovation and artistic growth.

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