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  • Takuma Wada

    TAKUMA WADA After the JUNON SUPER BOY CONTEST final selection She is the talent audition program "GOLD RUSH" champion. Band "Sweet Beat Swing" JR West CM Song "Go!Paradise" Lyrics and music Takuma Wada made a major debut. After renaming it to "SweBe", Regular appearance on NTV's "THE Yoru mo Hipparre!" He has provided numerous CM music and songs. After that, Takuma Wada made his solo major debut with "EVERGLADES". Besides his solo activities, "LoveRings" (Takuma to Hanayo) "Nyantabu" Takuman Popular song singer "Takuma and Satsumi" "Daimon University" Gospel unit "Everything get to be good" The Governor-appointed Saitama Cheering Team "Saitamachi Club". Hasuda City Public Relations Ambassador in Saitama Prefecture. Public relations ambassador for Matsukawa Town, Nagano Prefecture. Hometown Ambassador of Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Saitama Shimbun eco-friendly public relations ambassador. Sai no Kuni Kenketsu Ambassador. Moderator of TV programs and EVENTs. MC of RADIO. He has appeared on stage and in movies as an actor.

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