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It is easy to neglect self-care in a busy life.
Refreshing your mind and body in the right amount of time can help you stay energised.
A few moments during the day between chores, or a few moments before going to sleep, can be a good time to take care of yourself.
Grab your favourite drink and a snack, turn off your mobile phone, let your mind unwind from the daily chores and let your mind melt into the world around you.
You will feel the folds of your mind slowly stretch and your mind become so calm that it reflects the starry sky.
Empty time, free from everything.
It is the "Tottoki" time.

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  • 7sonora

    Nana Cantarina, vocalist of this group, her strong point is cuban music especially Afro-Cuban. Tokujiro, a percussionist with a reputation as a vocalist, is familiar with Cuban music, N.Y salsa, Mexican music, in other words, latin music. Yutaka Yamada, brazilian 7-strings guitarist, is trusted by musicans of various genres not only in brasilian choro and samba. They bring and gather in what each one are good at, sometimes producing the music with traditional style, and sometimes creating novel works with super genre creativity and curiosity. The released works are the following three works. 1st album "Canto a la tierra" which recorded, mixed and mastered with cuban musicians and engineer in the Canary Islands and Spain, including songs produced by world-renowned artist Pavel Urkiza. On the other hand, the 2nd album "Antitesis" was created in Japan using only Japanese from guest players to engineers, including violinist SAYAKA, and the collaboration with the monks of Soto Sect became a hot topic. And 3rd mini album "A la carta" which published to intended to back to their own roots while taking over the flow of the previous two works. Started to product the Music Video at the same time of the release of "A la carta". The MV of "Rezo" from 2nd album which exhibited at various international film festivals won the Best Music Video Award twice and nominated officially at multiple film festivals. Now, not only their musicality but also the image products as a new expression method of 7sonora is attracting worldwide attention.

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