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Save (2014 demo mix)

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Takaryu: Track maker / music producer. It started in 2014, and released songs using house music and vocaloids on the web. In addition, he releases instrumental songs from the net label. In 2015, won the music contest <RO69JACK>. The following year, when she was 16 years old, she released her first mini-album, MANUAL, which will be the first national distribution board. Selected as "NEW ARTIST of the week" by Apple Music. (Currently out of print) Also announced Flume's bootleg remix, which will be played over 100,000 times on video sharing sites. At the age of 18, released the 1st album "Resources". Collaborate with various vocalists such as Annabel, EVO +, Emi Miyahara and Megumi Watanabe. After the release, DJ mix was shown on a radio program hosted by J-WAVE's Licaxxx. Currently quitting the office and working as a freelancer. The 2nd album will be released this year.

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Ryunosuke Takahashi