voulez vous danser ?

  1. voulez vous danser ?

A collaboration work with White Boi Rick, a French artist.
White Boi Rick's view of the world is "... the man and woman who does not understand the words of the different country meet in a dance hall. Though he is in love with a woman, he cannot tell it well. So, he try to show it by a dance,"

Akane Hatanaka replied by one decisive female image.
"She has self-confidence. And she also has rooms in her heart."

This song was described in French by White Boi Rick, And it was also written in Japanese and little English by Akane Hatanaka. It is a love story which goes across the cultures and languages.

Akane Hatanaka

Akane Hatanaka is a singer-songwriter in Japan. Over 2013 through 2014, iTunes releases, eight pieces of original songs of own, and eight music videos of the each songs, have been shown at the same time in YouTube. She won a favorable reception. Usually, she makes musical pieces from experience of herself, or she is inspired from much reading. Therefore, she is empathized with the "love songs" of many life stages. Her challenge continues.

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