Invisible Hand

  1. Thought
  2. Increase
  3. Invisible Hand
  4. Floating
  5. Hayase
  6. I Know You Don't Know
  7. Spring Storm
  8. Inori
  9. Green Cab
  10. Gen Himmel

Piano solo. Most of it is often taken into consideration with the sound of the space where the piano is placed, but this recording does not rely on the sense of space. The expression of the function of the piano is a full-open recording. Perhaps there are parts of overdubbed sound, but there is no discomfort.

I express my love for expressing the massive sound quality that is made to me. While on Mike, there is absolutely no feeling of the limited area that is close. The structure of the piano captures the energy that resonates as a whole, enriching the music. I can imagine that there is no special gimmick in my king because I can listen to the timbres that are in phase.

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