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Produced by six male and female gal models, Mirai Akiyama (Popteen), Rumi Itabashi (egg), Akane Satomi (nuts), Akane Suda (nuts), Yukihide Sawamoto (men's egg), and Naoki Fujisawa (men's egg), the three-member gal unit "Juliet On August 5, 2009, they released the song "Natsu Love".

The music video, in which the producers themselves appear, became a big hit.

At the time of its release, the song reached No. 1 on the Japanese weekly charts. It became one of the most popular gal songs of the Heisei era, recording 600,000 downloads via distribution.

Now, 15 years later, "Natsu Love" has been covered by Momoa and Katomika, popular models representing the recently revived gal magazines "egg" and "nuts. The music video features popular models who also represent egg and nuts, and a complete revival version of "Natsu Love cover by Katomika & Momoa" has been released.

Natsu Love" generated a great deal of sympathy for its life-sized lyrics. It depicts feelings that turn into wonderful memories as time passes, rather than unfulfilled ones.

Artist Profile

  • Katomika

    Katomika Born on December 12,1998 Born in Chiba, Japan Exclusive model for fashion magazine "nuts" Mother of two children member with nutsjam

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  • Momoa

    Momoa Born on November 30, 2003 Born in Aichi Prefecture Exclusive model for fashion magazine "egg" member with soft boiled egg

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